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GKM Ultimate Tumbler Screener | multideck screening

GKM Ultimate Tumbler Screener

The GKM Tumbler Screener is a type of flat deck screener, designed to separate, de-dust and control screen dry powders and granular materials gently and effectively.

Working with GKM, Kemutec are very proud to showcase and supply the GKM offering, which for many years has been a superb industry brand and partner of this technology.

The modular, multi-deck construction offers operational flexibility and enables up to 7 fractions to be separated simultaneously, from a mixture containing different particle sizes. These machines are the perfect solution for achieving consistent product quality even with high feed rates and more difficult to screen fine, delicate, fragile or lightweight products.

GKM Ultimate Tumbler Screener for high performance multi-deck screening
GKM Screener KTS2000-5-002

Why choose a GKM Ultimate Tumbler Screener?

For many good reasons, including their high separation efficiency, yield, and long service life. Tumble screening is an important and widely used technique in a range of sectors including Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals and Performance Materials (Plastics), and Minerals.

GKM Ultimate Tumbler Screeners feature mesh screens down to 20 microns and are suitable for applications with particle size feed sizes from 1 micron up to 20mm. The equipment is capable of screening quantities from 10 kg/h up to 50 t/h.

With their modular design and 3D technology, GKM Tumbler Screeners offer the ultimate in ease of use and performance.

These Tumbler Screens are built to last and manufactured to meet the strict requirements of FDA, GMP, and ATEX, ensuring your product’s quality is maintained and providing all the economic benefits of being easy to use, clean and maintain.

Applications for GKM Tumbler Screeners include:

  • Milk powders, starch, wheat gluten, sugar, citric acid and flavourings
  • Metal powders, plastic powders, PET recycling, silica sand and calcium carbonates

Kemutec offer GKM’s range of Ultimate Tumbler Screeners for customers requiring robust, long-lasting and multi-functional technology. They are easy to use, clean, and maintain. The modular design makes it very easy to adapt to any change in material and application.

When you need to achieve a consistent quality product at high output rates, Kemutec has the ideal solution for the gentle and precise separation of powder and granules in 2 to 7 fractions, through up to 6 screen decks.

Key Features and Benefits


  • Extremely high screening efficiency; down to 20 μ
  • Superior yield efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • Delivers consistent product quality
  • 100% modular and flexible system
  • Individual adaptation to the application and customer requirements
  • Up to 6 decks per machine for screening different particle sizes
  • Screen movement is 3-dimensional allowing for a much gentler screening section
  • No dead corners, for wasted material
  • Patented technology, for peace of mind
  • Ultrasonic cleaning provides contamination-free screening
  • Wide range of model sizes range from 600-2600 mm diameter
  • Mobile design options
  • All necessary certifications and documentation are provided

For operators:

  • Delivered ready to operate
  • Range of screens available in synthetic fiber mesh, stainless steels, woven wire, or perforated plate
  • Fast onsite re-meshing of screen frame
  • Low noise levels of approx. 75 db(A)
  • 100% dust and waterproof and easy to handle, due to GKM’s unique EPDM or silicone clip on gaskets

Service and maintenance:

  • Long service life
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Low maintenance requirements






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GKM Ultimate Tumbler Screeners deliver extremely high screening performance. The highest outputs are guaranteed even with fine and more difficult to screen products.

The modular, multi-deck design makes the Tumbler Screener operationally flexible and incredibly efficient, as the retention time on the decks can be individually adjusted for any product and capacity.

Performance & design:

  • Separation efficiency of up 99%
  • Up to 7 fractions can be achieved simultaneously
  • Careful handling, avoids product degradation
  • Robust, modular, multi-deck design, enables no dead corners and low part weights
  • Each deck and product outlet features an adjustable deflector on the outside to enable opening and fine tuning of screening quality without disabling the machine
  • Low space requirements due to reduced intermediate ring design; deck heights of only 80mm for the best screen results on all decks
  • A specialized 3D curve writer delivers precision and reproducible parameters
  • Optional: quick clamps for maximum time saving when changing screens
  • Screen inserts are available in metal detectable, abrasion-resistant, extra robust materials to reduce maintenance intervals and costs
  • FDA, GMP, and ATEX compliant

For operators:

  • Operate without assembly, with settings pre-adjusted to each product
  • For stability; heavy pyramid base to counterbalance the rotating body
  • Low noise level of approx. 75 db(A)
  • 100% statically and dynamically balanced for vibration free installation in steel structures
  • 100% dustproof thanks to simple fast-mounting silicone clip-on gaskets on the intermediate rings

Service and maintenance:

  • Low acceleration, long service life of all parts, no product destruction
  • Up to 100% operational availability, with few maintenance requirements
  • Easy to maintain through patented manual and pneumatic lifting devices
  • For simple and fast assembly and screen changing, automatic centering of screening inserts and strong intermediate rings and covers
  • Easy to dismantle and clean all parts

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Specification of the GKM range of Ultimate Tumbler Screeners: 

(KTS Model)

Areas of application: Typically used for the control screening, fractionating and dedusting of dry, powdered and granular products. Particularly suitable for high feed rates and multi-deck separations of fine, delicate, fragile, and lightweight products which are difficult to screen.
Particle feed size:1 micron up to 20 mm
Feed rates:1kg/h – 50 ton/h
Bulk densities:20 – 10000 grams/liter
Mesh openings:20 microns to 20 mm
Screens usable:304, 316L, or 430 stainless steels or plastic wire mesh fabric, perforated plates
No. of screen decks:1 – 6 per machine
Anti-blinding systems:– Rubber balls
– Rotating roller brush arms
– Rotating air-jet nozzle arms
– Ultrasonic
– Combinations
Speed range:180-280 min-1
Screen movement:Three-dimensional, set to product
Amplitude:40-80 mm horizontally and 5-40 mm vertically
Acceleration:1,3-1,8 g
Model sizes/ca. Ø:600100012001600200024002600
Screening surface (m²):0.2920.7851.131.832.634.525.31
Motor power (kW):0.251.502.
Materials:Carbon steel, Stainless and Special steels
Surfaces:Painted, brushed or ground, mirror or electro polished, and ViwateQ options for Food and Pharmaceutical products with a surface roughness of < 0.4 microns (GMP, FDA compliant).


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The three-dimensional elliptical action of tumbler screening equipment is often compared to the movement of the simple hand screening method of gold washing in a pan, as the motion and effect are similar.

As with panning for gold, inside Tumbler Screeners, the fine particles tend towards the center and the larger, more coarse particles move towards the outer areas of the screen.

Tumbler Screens are specially designed to provide gentle, effective and economical separation of powders and granules based on particle size without particle degradation. They are a popular choice in many industries due to their long service life and up to 99% separation efficiency.

The process starts with the material being fed continuously into the center of the top screen of the GKM Ultimate Tumbler Screener. From this point, it spreads out evenly across the entire screening surface. The finer particles fall through the screen near to the center and the coarser particles move continuously towards the periphery. The material is moved in a spiral pattern with increasing acceleration of the particles, the further they are from the center. As a result, even the particles which are almost the same size as the screen mesh are screened.

All the separated fractions of material are discharged through the lateral outlets and the screening process is repeated again and again on each of the decks. The precise and defined movement of the decks of GKM’s Tumbler Screeners is powered by a patented 3D motion adjustment system. This enables the motion and speed to be adjusted to the characteristics of different materials, allowing individual retention time of any product to be set to deliver consistent product quality across the multiple decks.

The main shaft of the Tumbler Screener is driven by V-belts and an electric motor. Using a special axially spring-mounted curve writer (graphic recorder), the 3D movement of the equipment can be drawn as an ellipse in 2D on paper and then measured exactly. Measurement data can be transmitted at any time for checking. This means that optimal operating settings are always available and reproducible in the future.

In recognition that some fine products can blind or ‘clog up’ meshes, GKM offers a variety of specialized mesh cleaners and rapid screen replacement to help maintain continuous screening operations, for up to 100% operational availability.

The modular, multi-deck design allows different set up variations, allowing mixtures of different particle sizes to be screened and separated.

Products can be re-screened several times to promote screening efficiency and increase yield.

Other options for optimizing the tumbler screening process are integrated control screens, double and triple rescreening systems, double capacity or reversed screening.

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