Animal Feed and Pet Food Industries

Applications for Animal Feed and Pet Food Processing Industries

Quality solutions, for quality production. Typical applications in the Animal Feed and Pet Food Processing industries are:

       Pet Food Processing       Pet Food Processing

Sifting and Screening >>

  • Pre-extrusion
  • De-dusting
  • Post-extrusion

Kemutec KEK Centrifugal Sifters provide the ideal sifting for size classification, as well as screening dry powder pet food and other bulk solids. Their specialised ‘Cantilever’ design offers unprecedented, high standards in hygiene.

For Pet Food / Fish Food applications specifically:

  • KEK Centrifugal Sifters also provide Extruder Protection and therefore help prevent expensive damage to the extruder

Milling, Lump Breakers / Grinding and De-agglomeration >>

Kemutec Mills and Lump Breakers are robust solutions for size reduction.

  • De-lumping material
  • Milling
  • Fine grinding
  • Breaking down reclaim

Our range includes:

KEK Kibbler | Heavy duty, coarse grinding and lump breaker, with controlled particle size. Easy clean, easy maintenance

KEK Cone Mill | Milling that produces material that are of equal width for sifting – wet or dry and works with a wide range of materials

KEK Universal Mill | High speed, one-pass fine grinding with simple, interchangeable grinding media. Provides very high energy efficiency

PPS Air Classifier Mill | Ultra-fine continuous and batch grinding, with controlled particle size distribution, as well as high temperature controlThe PPS Mill, also allows for the size reduction of ingredients prior to mixing and extrusion. Especially required for the small fish food applications i.e. Shrimps

Mixing and Blending

  • Pre-blending of ingredients

Gardner HE-Series U-Trough Ribbon Mixers are most suited for processing pet food. They batch mix ingredients and disperse homogeneously.

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