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The Kemutec Sifter range, includes a selection of centrifugal sifters. Centrifugal sifters are ideal for separating material of different sizes, at high rates and very efficiently. This type of Sifter may also be referred to as a Rotary Sifter. Product information >>

Centrifugal Sifter

Kemutec KEK Centrifugal Sifters are typically used for size classification sifting and screening of materials, also known as a process for de-risking, through it’s ability to separate our contaminants. The KEK range screens and sifts material ranging from dry powder through to other bulk solids. They are used very commonly in the Food Processing industries, including Pet Food, as well as Pharmaceutical and Chemicals.

Our KEK Sifters have been tried and tested by many blue-chip brands; making them globally known and regarded for their high performance, hygienic design and reliability. Our sifting solutions are designed and engineered on a project-by-project basis, to ensure they meet your specific requirements.

To ensure maximum hygienic processing, the KEK Sifters incorporate a unique ‘Cantilever’ design; providing clients with the highest standards in hygiene, operation and control.


Just some of the Features & Benefits

  • Provides size classification of material by sifting & separating out material that isn’t to the set size
  • Screens material to remove unwanted particles & de-risk from potential contaminators
  • Enables high-efficiency processing, at high-speed
  • Quick & easy to clean, with hygienic cantilever design
  • 30 second screen changes; with easily removable sifter screen for inspection & cleaning
  • Operator friendly – no tools typically required
  • Models that process from a few kg per hour, to over 90 tonnes per hour

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Examples of Applications KEK could be Used for

  • Flour sifting | Food
  • Ingredient check sifting | Food
  • Dairy powder sifting | Food
  • Bakery mix de-lumping | Food
  • Ingredient mixing | Food
  • Powder deagglomeration | Chemicals
  • Powder paint check sieving | Chemicals
  • Classification of pharmaceutical ingredients | Pharmaceuticals

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