Mixing Machines & Blending Machines

Mixing Machines & Blending Machines are used for the critical process of combining materials, who’s differing attributes are combined to become completely uniform. Resulting in a mix of the exact requirements.

Precise Mixing & Blending are crucial steps for the powder processing industries, most especially for Food Processing, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. Why? Exact Quality. The machines used, will need to be suited to the materials being processed, to ensure the desired outcome. The type of Mixer or Blender used, needs to be appropriate for the desired homogeneity of the mixture, correct blending time, size, colour and many other factors. The intensity of the process is also an important consideration and will depend on the material being processed. To ensure a quality output, the right machine must therefore be used.

Our Mixing Machines & Blending Machines

Mixing Machines & Blending Machines

Ribbon Mixer, Mixing

Kemutec’s Gardner Mixing & Blending Machines, are available in an array of styles to meet these requirements and thus provide the ideal solution for all powder mixing and blending applications. The Gardner offering, ranges from high intensity mixing, down to gentle blending.

We have over 150 years of experience in specifying the most appropriate mixing and blending technologies; therefore you can confidently rely on our team of experts to work with you and supply the most optimal machines.



Gardner Mixing & Blending Range

  • >> Ribbon Mixer | For gentle blending, to high intensity mixing. Both batch and continuous, with ingredients dispersed homogeneously >>
  • >> Plough Mixer | High speed, high shear mixing. Ideal for breaking up lumps & agglomerates >>
  • >> Double Cone Blender | Gentle tumbling, for free-flowing powders & granules. For delicate & fragile products, or to mix heavy abrasives >>
  • >> Vertical Mixer | Mixer free flowing, heat sensitive & fragile product. Fast, accurate & versatile >>

Mixing Process verse Blending

Mixing is the process of thoroughly combining a variety of materials to produce a ‘homogenous’ (consistent, uniform) product. The mixture of material is typically a combination of dissimilar products, that from the mixing process, result as consistently comparable. Be it in weight, particle size distribution, colour, texture and any other required material attributes.

Blending, although similar to mixing it combes materials, but does so in a more gentler motion. The materials being combined ultimately drive whether a mixer or blender is chosen.

Read more information on our Mixing and Blending range below, or learn about our Milling, Lump Breaking solutions >>HERE. For our Sifter technology, go >> HERE.

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Mixing & Blending Machine Types:

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