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Milling and Grinding is a method for particle size reduction. It is most commonly used for de-lumping material, powder milling, fine grinding and breaking down reclaim product. The challenge is to make this process quick, flexible, clean and easy for the operator. With our Kemutec range of KEK and PPS Milling Machines & Lump Breakers – all these requirements can be easily achieved.

Milling Machines & Lump Breakers


The process of material size reduction is most challenging for the Food Processing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries; where hygiene and quality is paramount.

Through decades of experience, we have designed and invested continual benefits into our Milling and Lump Breaking solutions, to specifically support these markets and yet still help them to deliver on efficiencies and return on investment.


Our Solutions for Size Reduction Include

  • KEK Kibbler | Heavy duty, coarse grinding and lump breaker / kibbling, with controlled particle size. Easy clean, easy maintenance >>
  • KEK Cone Mill | Milling that produces material that are of equal width for sifting – wet or dry and supporting a wide range of materials >>
  • KEK Universal Mill | High speed, one-pass fine grinding with simple, interchangeable grinding media. Offers extreme energy efficiency >>
  • PPS Air Classifier Mill | Ultra-fine continuous and batch grinding, with controlled particle size distribution and high temperature control >>

While our range for size reduction solutions is extensive, all our equipment will be customised to suit our client’s industry, their material and process. Our global experts will help you solve your size-reduction challenges and ensure you receive the highest level of support.

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