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The gentle, low energy tumbling action of the GARDNER Double Cone blender is ideal for blending the most delicate and fragile products and for mixing very heavy and abrasive products.  They are designed for hygiene and ease of cleaning along with improved blending efficiency of free-flowing powders and granules. GARDNER Double Cone Blenders are also designed and built as processors for sterilising and drying from 2 to 10,000 litres capacity.

GARDNER Double Cone Blenders are gentle tumble action gravity blenders, making them ideal for fragile and abrasive products alike.

The ‘end-over-end’ tumble action is supplemented and enhanced by internal multi-shear deflector plates, which provide a crossover blending action as the blender cone rotates.

Supported are externally mounted stud arms and bearings, resulting in the Double Cone Blender having no internal shaft seals. This results in an extremely simple and hygienic design to clean and maintain.

In addition, the outlet valve provides ‘total-discharge’ of the material, with no carry-over from batch to batch.

Typical features of the GARDNER Double Cone Blender include:

  • Low energy mixing
  • Internal multi-shear reflector plates
  • Large size range
  • Easy-clean design
  • Total discharge design
  • Low maintenance
  • No Internal Seals or Bearings
  • Blends Fragile Products with Minimal Damage
  • Blends Abrasive Products with Minimal Wear
  • Range from 20L to 100,000L

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GARDNER Double Cone Blenders can be customised and adapted to suit the various demands of individual applications.

These typically include:

  • External jackets on the blender shell for heating or cooling of the mixer contents
  • Pressure and vacuum capable vessels for drying, heating, cooling and sterilising processes.
  • Liquid addition facilities with pressure spray nozzles
  • Range of various design loading and discharge valves
  • Can be filled by direct connection to a vacuum conveying system

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GARDNER Double Cone Blenders are best utilised where the benefit of its gentle tumble blending action can be realised.

Typical Applications include:

  • Tea Blending
  • Coffee Bean Blending
  • Pharmaceutical Powders–homogenization of a number of small batches into one large batch.
  • Metal Powders
  • Glass and Ceramic Mixes

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