Powder Material Testing & Rentals

Kemutec Test CentreIn support of process developments and the needs of customers, we provide Powder Material Testing, as well as Rental Services.

Material Test Centres

We offer Material Testing in a number of global Technical Centre Laboratories, where analysis of your can process and material takes place. Through these Test Centres, we have reams of results, which can help to optimise processes and feedback into machine design.

A NEW Test Centre is soon to be opened in the United Kingdom, taking Smart powder processing to another level. To be one of the first informed on when the centre opens or to arrange a visit in advance, email lisa.thomas@schenckprocess.com

Rental Equipment

As well as the test centres, we also offer our customers the option of Rental Equipment for Toll Processing.


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Summary of Services:

  • Material Testing in our Technical Centre
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Rental Equipment
  • Toll Processing

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Kemutec offers comprehensive product testing facilities in our Technical Centre located in Poynton, Cheshire UK and  Bristol, Pennsylvania USA.

Fully equipped to demonstrate full-scale production, pilot, and lab-size equipment, the facility allows for first-hand evaluation and recording of material processing trials.

Principle Processes Include:

Sifting and screening with:

  • Kek Centrifugal Sifters

Size Reduction with:

  • Kek Cone Mills
  • Kek Kibbler / Pre-Breakers
  • Kek Universal Mills
  • PPS Air Classifier Mills

Mixing and Blending with:

  • Gardner Ribbon Mixers
  • Gardner Double Cone Blenders

Supporting the material testing services, we have a fully equipped Laboratory for the analysis of the processed materials.

This includes a laser particle size analyzer to facilitate accurate size determination and particle size distribution of both feed and processed materials.

In order to be able to process materials on customer sites, we offer a range of mobile rental machines, which include:

  • Kek Centrifugal Sifters
  • Kek Kibblers / Pre-breakers
  • Kek Cone Mills
  • Kek Universal Mills
  • Gardner Ribbon Mixers
  • Gardner Double Cone Blenders

Contact for Material Testing or Rentals

If you would like support and advice from our Kemutec team, you can:

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We offer the use of our Technical Center for Toll Processing and extended run testing.

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