GKM Vibrating Tumbler Screener | dry and wet screening

GKM Vibrating Tumbler Screener for Dry and Wet Screening

GKM Vibrating Tumbler Screeners are a type of flat deck screener. These machines use higher acceleration to perform dry and wet screening operations.

Kemutec are very proud to showcase and supply the GKM screening range, who for many years have been a superb industry brand and our dedicated partner for this technology.

The design of these modular, multi-deck machines make them ideal for applications requiring simpler control screening, fractionating and de-dusting of dry, powdered and granular products

GKM Vibrating Tumbler Screener

Why choose a GKM Vibrating Tumbler Screener?

In general, Tumbler Screens provide high separation efficiency and consistent product quality in a variety of applications.

As well as screening dry powders and granular products, the GKM Vibrating Tumbler Screener makes wet screening possible, even with more demanding heavier products. This type of screening capability offers benefits for companies in a range of sectors including Food, Chemicals and Performance Materials (Plastics).

As part of the Kemutec offering, GKM Vibrating Tumbler Screeners are designed with meshes down to 20 microns and up to 3 decks, these machines are capable of delivering 4 fractions of material at feed rates of 10 kg/h up to 10 t/h.

Like all GKM Screeners, the Vibrating Tumblers deliver consistent quality products and high yield. They are easy to use, clean and maintain, as well as being built to last. These machines can also be manufactured to meet the strict requirements of FDA and GMP.

A GKM Vibrating Tumbler Screener is used for many wet and dry screening applications including:

  • Chemical products
  • Liquid products
  • Recycling
  • Food
  • Metals

Kemutec offer GKM Vibrating Tumbler Screeners for customers requiring robust, long-lasting and multi-functional operation. These screens are easy to use and maintain; making them very operator friendly.

When you need to achieve a consistent quality product, our team at Kemutec supply this solution for separating dry and wet products, in up to 4 fractions simultaneously.

Key Features and Benefits:


  • Extremely high screening efficiency; down to 20 μ
  • 1 to 3 decks per machine, screen up to 4 fractions simultaneously
  • Speed; high acceleration for dry and wet screening
  • Material flexibility; fast fine particle discharge and adjustable retention time
  • Low power consumption
  • Delivers consistent product quality
  • 100% modular and flexible system
  • Individual adaptation to the application and customer requirements
  • No dead corners, for wasted material
  • Patented technology, for peace of mind
  • Wide range of model sizes from 450 – 1500 mm diameter
  • Mobile design options
  • All necessary certifications and documentation are provided

For operators:

  • Delivered pre-adjusted and ready for operation
  • Screen frames with glued in mesh cloth or twin-clamp rings for fast re-meshing on-site
  • Optional: quick clamps for maximum time saving when changing the screens
  • Minimal transfer of vibrations through optimum set-up of the vibrating springs

Service and maintenance:

  • Up to 100% availability in 24hr operation; maintenance-free motor
  • Screen inserts are available in metal detectable, abrasion-resistant …
  • Easy dismantling and cleaning

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Performance & design:

  • High screening efficiency
  • Design allows for fast fine particle discharge, adjustable retention time
  • Up to 4 fractions simultaneously on each machine
  • High acceleration; suitable for dry and wet products
  • Tough modular design with low part weights
  • Optimum set-up of the vibrating springs, minimal transfer of vibrations

For operators:

  • Delivered operationally ready and pre-adjusted to suit your material
  • Screen frames with twin-clamp rings for fast re-meshing on-site
  • Optional: quick clamps for maximum time saving when changing screens

Service and maintenance:

  • Up to 100% availability in 24h operation; maintenance-free motor
  • Easy to dismantle and clean all body parts
  • Screen inserts are available in metal detectable, abrasion-resistant, extra robust materials to reduce maintenance intervals and costs
  • Simple access for cleaning under the machine

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Specifications of the GKM range of Vibrating Tumbler Screeners:

GKM Vibrating Tumbler Screeners are ideal for simpler dry, solid-liquid and wet screening applications with feed rates from 10 kg/h to 10 t/hr.

(KTS-V and KTS-VS Models)

Areas of application:Typically used for lower feed rates and simpler control screening operations; fractionating of dry, powdered and granular products; particularly well suited for heavy products and wet screening
Particle feed size:1 micron up to 20 mm
Feed rates:1kg/h – 10 ton/h depending on machine size
Bulk densities:Typically 200 – 10000 grams/liter
Mesh openings:20 microns to 20 mm
Screens usable:304, 316L or 430 Stainless steel wire mesh fabric, perforated plates
No. of screen decks:1 – 3 per machine
Anti-blinding systems:– Rubber balls
– Slider rings
– Ultrasonic
– Combination
Speed range:Dry products: 1500/3000 min-1 at 50Hz
Wet products: 1500/3000 min-1 at 50Hz
Screen movement:Three-dimensional, set to product
Amplitude:3 – 6 mm
Acceleration:3 – 6 g
Model sizes/ca. Ø:KTS-V45060080090012001500
Screening surface (m²):
Motor power (kW):0.190.420.421.21.22.75
Materials:Stainless steel
Surfaces:Glazed inside and out with a high-grade surface finish

Painted, brushed, polished, and ViwateQ options, for food and pharmaceutical products with a surface roughness of < 0.4 microns (GMP and FDA compliant).

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The GKM Vibrating Tumbler Screener uses vibration technology to create precise 3D elliptical movement.

The Vibrating Tumbler Screener is driven by a vibration motor attached directly to the center below the screen body. Precisely adjusted springs within the machine allow dislocation and enable the screen body to vibrate freely and three-dimensionally to the defined and consistent requirements for the specific product.

The ability to adjust the retention time of the product on the screens is an important aspect and benefit of all Tumbler Screeners. Changes to the retention time are achieved in Vibrating Tumbler Screeners by altering the centrifugal force of the vibration motor and changing the offset angle between the upper and lower flyweight.

The screen frames are equipped either with glued in mesh cloth or GKM’s unique twin-clamp rings, making it easy and quick to re-mesh on-site, without the need for any special tools or experience.


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