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This application guideline relates to Confectionery Manufacturing. It is designed to outline the benefits of incorporating KEK Centrifugal Sifters into the processing of Sugar Confectionery.

What our Customer’s Requirements Were: Equipment to deliver the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness, as well as unsurpassed reliability with minimal maintenance requirements.

As a specialist brand in food size reduction and screening, our team at Kemutec were able to work with the client to customise and supply the KEK Centrifugal Sifter.

Project details

Product: 6 x KEK K800C Centrifugal Sifters installed

Confectionery Manufacturing

Handling material: Granulated sugar, citric acid, starches and sweeteners

Location: Europe

Application: Fruit flavoured sweets (also known as candy or lollies)

How the KEK Sifters added value:

  • Simple, hygienic design, for easy cleaning
  •  Ultimate cleanliness was also enabled through a Cantilever Shaft design
  • Easy inspection, cleaning and maintenance through an oversized end door
  • High-efficiency sifting, for optimal output
  • Rotatable sifter screen that could be quickly removed for inspection and cleaning
  • Operator friendly – no tools required to quickly strip down and clean


Additional benefits:

  • For maximum hygiene and cleanability, the majority of flat surfaces were removed from the internal and external surfaces of sifters, bespoke for the customer
  • Flanges were adapted to suit the client’s various requirements (BFM, tri-clover & bolted flanges)
  • ATEX compliant, for peace of mind
  • Height adjustments were made to accommodate space constraints of the manufacturing facilities

Additional features:

  • Incorporated a high efficiency, 430 stainless steel perforated plate sieve assembly
  • Internals surfaces polished to <0.8 microns RA, for a smooth clean finish
  • Flexible design reduced consumption of floor space
  • No oversize end bearing or seals included, for fewer moving parts that may wear or need to be replace
  • Quiet performance

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Type certified ATEX compliance for Zones 20 internally & 21 externally, featuring:

  • ATEX compliant locking switches & motor isolation
  • Temperature & vibration monitoring of shaft support bearings
  • Custom ATEX compliant terminal box

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