Kemutec Centrifugal Sifters for De-Risking Food Processes & Avoiding Brand Damage


Brand credibility and trust in product quality, are vital considerations for Food Manufacturers throughout the world. Breaking news on Food Safety and Product Recall, will not just result in loss of revenue through an isolated case of returned products, but worse still, wider reduction in profitability due to brand damage. Putting solutions in place that removes such risks is therefore vitally important for consumers, as well as producers.

A secondary core challenge faced by Food Manufacturers includes traceability. One ingredient coming into a plant from a supplier, could be used in several product types. Tougher still, a Food Manufacturer may receive ingredients or raw materials, from a large number of suppliers. Therefore the ‘process risk’ is certainly complex and can be difficult to easily manage.

With brand credibility again in mind, screening in-coming ingredients before they enter any process line, not only improves the de-risking process, but also helps towards identifying or narrowing down the potential source.

Potential Solution

To assist overcoming these risks for processors working with powdered food and other bulk solids, is our Kemutec Centrifugal Sifter – part of the KEK range. 

Whilst screening and de-risking material through high speed, efficient size classification, our Kemutec Centrifugal Sifter simply removes any oversized material that are potential contaminants. These contaminants are then discharged from the process line. It’s reliable performance is capable of handling over 90 tonnes per hour, down to just a few kilograms.

Kemutec Centrifugal SifterWe’re very proud that our Kemutec Sifter was the first Sifter to include a specialised ‘Cantilever’ design, offering Food Manufacturers unprecedented high levels of standards in hygiene. This is achieved through the machine’s easy access and rapid screen change functionality, averaging at just 30 seconds.

De-risking and food safety has been a topic of importance for many years, but it is those who value their consumers and brand values, that are proactively putting system-based precautions in place. Why take the risk, when just one contaminant, could turn en-masse production into a manufacturer’s nightmare.

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Written by Lisa Thomas,