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GARDNER Double Cone Blenders

The gentle, low energy tumbling action of the GARDNER Double Cone blender is ideal for blending the most delicate and fragile products and for mixing very heavy and abrasive products.  They are designed for hygiene and ease of cleaning along with improved blending efficiency of free-flowing powders and granules. GARDNER Double Cone Blenders are

GARDNER Plough Mixers

GARDNER Plough Mixers are high energy, high shear, high-speed plough type mixers with cylindrical short aspect ratio mixing chambers. Typically used for powders, granules, and pastes, these horizontal batch mixers utilise a high-shear plough agitator which imparts a high-energy mixing action into the materials, resulting in extremely short mixing time. Extra

GArdner Vertical Mixer

GARDNER Vertical Mixers

GARDNER Vertical Mixers are fast, accurate and versatile and are particularly suited to the mixing of free-flowing, heat sensitive or fragile products. Available in a full range of sizes from 100 to 25,000 litre capacity, GARDNER Vertical Mixers are especially successful where small trace elements are mixed in large quantities

Gardner Ribbon Mixer

GARDNER Ribbon Mixers

GARDNER Ribbon Mixers are tried and tested horizontal mixers for the consistent batch and continuous blending of powders and granules. With over 150 years of experience in powder blending applications, GARDNER mixers offer an extensive range of horizontal Ribbon Mixers.

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