Schenck Process expands in Thailand, led by new Managing Director Dustin O’Farrell.


The Schenck Process Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Dustin O’Farrell as Managing Director (CEO) of the new location Schenck Process (Thailand) Ltd., with effect from 19th October 2021.

The news comes off the back of the recent SHAPE acquisition, in which Mr. O’Farrell will be leading the integration of this company within Schenck Process. Dustin O’Farrell stated:

“Expanding our influence in the food processing space is objective number one. We are essentially connecting this new entity (SHAPE) into the larger network of the Schenck Process Group. We want to expand upon our offerings that are already possible through the SHAPE portfolio and the services they provide.”

Dustin is more than familiar with the APAC region, having worked between China and Thailand, as well as supporting the whole of Southeast Asia for the past decade. His extensive knowledge and acumen are welcomed traits to Schenck Process.


About Dustin O’Farrell

Dustin O’Farrell has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and made his first foray into the food industry as a field engineer. It was the beginning of 17 years of experience in the sector, including roles as Process Engineering Manager, Asia, and Regional Business Manager for Human Nutrition Applications in Southeast Asia, in his previous organization.

His amalgamation of skills and experience from the ground up will bolster Schenck Process Thailand. Dustin O’Farrell said:

“I bring a package of technical and business acumen. Additionally, I have an understanding of the local market trends and movements that have been happening in Asia for over a decade. My belief is that both will be essential for us to establish ourselves as a trusted partner in food processing within Asia”

Mr. O’Farrell is a dedicated father and proud family man who enjoys long-distance running outside of work. He is set to run in the Bangkok marathon in December.

Find out more about new Schenck Process CEO Dustin on LinkedIn.