Tips for Sourcing Food Processing Equipment |

Kemutec’s 10 Important tips for Sourcing Food Processing Equipment, that helps ensures Hygiene and Quality Output

When sourcing food processing equipment, there are a variety of considerations manufacturers / food processors should take into account– and it’s not just down to it being about the right technology.

1. Production layout. Ensure the production line layout allows for easy maintenance and straightforward cleaning of machinery, to prevent cross contamination of ingredients.

Tips for Sourcing Food Processing Equipment

KEK Centrifugal Sifter

2. Choose a hygienic design. Cleanliness is crucial. Poor design can result in a build-up of food and contamination of seals, bearings, etc, which can detrimentally affect the process and final product. Focus on a system that has been designed for straightforward cleaning and allows for simple, quick change over of materials.

3. Make sure it’s safe. Check that the food processing equipment takes safety regulations into account, protecting operators from potentially dangerous moving components.

4. Avoid the risk of unnecessary downtime. Consider a supplier that can offer replaceable parts and servicing – quickly.

5. Low noise. Minimal operating noise will allow for a more comfortable, safer working-environment.

Tips for Sourcing Food Processing Equipment

KEK Cone Mill

6. Keep simplicity in mind. Equipment that is simple to operate and configure for different materials, will allow for higher levels of productivity.

7. Control of air quality. Will you be handling material that requires dust control? If so, make sure your system or equipment is capable of containing and collecting dust emissions.

8. System integration. If you need to integrate the equipment with other systems, i.e. feed conveyors, discharge devices, etc, ensure that it is capable of doing so; allowing for maximum flexibility.

9. Efficient and robust. The equipment you are sourcing is an investment and ultimately impacts the quality of the end result. Selecting a supplier that has engineered efficient and quality equipment, should result in the longevity of machine performance and better output, in addition to minimal lifetime costs.

10. Provides straightforward access to machine internals. You need to able fully clean the contact parts to prevent cross-contamination between recipes and possible issues with allergen and religious concerns. Work with a supplier that can demonstrate this will be possible.

Tips for Sourcing Food Processing Equipment

Gardner Ribbon Mixer

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